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To stand up for the rights of others–humans or otherwise and aim towards sustainable living.

To aid in bringing about positive societal and environmental change(s).


External Initiatives

Donation Drive:

Donated INR 57,901 worth of kitchen, hygiene necessities, uniforms to Sri Krishnashraya Education Trust, a shelter-home for 30+ homeless children.

A Day at MathCo:

Hosted shelter-home children at MathCo for a talent show.



Tree Plantation Drive:

15 MathCo. volunteers planted 30 trees at Manyata Tech Park (partnership with SayTrees). MathCo invested INR 45,000 for this activity.

Organ Donation Awareness Session:

Deepak Jumani. Director – Awareness Drives, Gift Your Organ Foundation spoke on organ donation during breakfast meeting.

Donation Drive:

Donated INR 46,101 worth of medical supplies to Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre (CARE), an organisation that protects and nurtures orphaned/stray/old/unwell animals, birds.

City Beautification Drive:

11 MathCo. volunteers painted, beautified a prominent wall at the MG Road junction (partnership with TheUglyIndian). MathCo invested INR 25,000 for this activity.



A Day at CARE:

Spent a day at Charlie’s Animal Rescue cEntre where we bathed and groomed the resident dogs, and painted dog kennels.

Donation Drive:

Donated INR 50,000 towards procurement of necessities (food and adult diaper supplies) to Saanthvana Seva Old Age Homean organization that helps vulnerable elderly People by providing them with Nutrition food, clothing, Shelter, education, and reliable health care.

Internal Initiatives

  • Replaced paper cups for water, coffee/tea with fibre glasses, coffee mugs

  • Replaced plastic stirrers with metal ones

  • Purchased organic seed-pens for all our employee

  • Share eco tips via MathCompendium, TV screens

  • Worked with Awfis to reduce the flow of tap water from 500 to 150 ml

  • Placed stickers in meeting rooms - to remind you to switch off lights

Corporate Information

Form MGT-7

FY 2020-21