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Data Analytics Solutions 

TheMathCompany's data analytics services accomplish business excellence by integrating industry knowledge driven by our AI accelerators and intellectual assets, allowing us to create prompt human-centric solutions.


Core Technologies 

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Our BI service encompasses a wide range of tools and approaches that aid in creating a scalable and bountiful roadmap for businesses by using technologies like Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik Sense, etc. Our service derives business KPIs and insights to drive actionability, customized to each user's needs in a consumable dashboard/product.

advanced anlytics-1

Advanced Analytics

Advanced AnalyticUtilize automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to leverage complex data quickly and unlock actionable insights. If you need to reap more from your data, make use of our advanced analytical capabilities. Augment your intelligence with upcoming algorithms and technologies that enable insights at speed and scale.

ai solutions

Customized AI Solutions

With math, engineering, and design, we develop customized AI solutions that are human-centric, affordable, and tailored to one's needs. We curate end-to-end scalable products with automated pipelines, advanced models, and intuitive visual layers to enable you to make decisions fast.

data engineering

Data Engineering

Unlock scalable opportunities by optimizing data for user consumption. Our data engineers are industry-equipped to design, execute, and implement cutting-edge analytical customer-facing solutions. We will implement data-driven suggestions and insights in a bid to bring analytics results and client initiatives to life.

Our Work

User Journey Mapping Advanced Analytics Insights

Helped a Prominent Philanthropic Ed-tech Organization to Improve Engagement by 3X Through User Journey Mapping Advanced Analytics Insights

Solutions derived by our industry experts via advanced analytics demonstrated a 3x increase in user engagement rates and a significant improvement in conversion rates for the client.

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Credit Risk Assessment

A Leading NBFC Reduced Default Rates by an Estimated 50% by Leveraging a Customized Credit Risk Assessment Application

AI-custom solutions improved judgment accuracy resulting in lower delinquency and better portfolio performance. Designed infrastructure for Reject Inferencing and Cross-Selling Opportunities to encourage operational efficiency.

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Boost Repeat Mobile Website Visitor Rates

A Top-tier Fashion Retailer Leveraged a Unified E-commerce Platform to Boost Repeat Mobile Website Visitor Rates by an Estimated 74%

A new customer engagement platform was created, and responsive design facilitated user traffic interpretation. Accelerated the website's organic traffic by 20%.  
 While AI-based methods encouraged scalability and dependability during flash sales, customer-centric features were utilized to boost brand loyalty.

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$300 Million Value Impact

Helped A CPG Giant Build A Sustainable Global Advanced Analytics Center & Create A $300 Million Value Impact

Reduced talent acquisition time by 6 months while saving 40% on costs and generating engagements worth $300 million within 4 months. Moreover, TheMathCompany designed a sustainable global delivery system while encouraging an innovative culture.

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The partnership that we have been able to create with TheMathCompany in a relatively short period of time has exceeded my expectations. The skillset and collaborative approach that they bring to the table makes them a great asset for our company.

Global CPG Company
Head of Analytics, Data Science & Data Services

TheMathCompany team is professional and highly skilled. I have been impressed with the speed with which they integrated into our team, learned about our data, provided initial customer insights, and executed their first models.

US-based Conglomerate
Sr Manager, IT Digital Marketing & CRM

I am extremely pleased with the work the team is doing, how they articulate their work, and the forward-thinking that they bring.

Leading Manufacturer of Food Products
Project Lead, Customer Data Platform

Run business in a scalable way with our industry experts.

Interested in what MathCo Experts can do for you?

Schedule a call with us. Here's what you can expect:  

  • Our industry experts will work with you to understand your current strategies and use cases.

  • Through a personalized call, our solutions consultant will figure out the best fit strategy for your business needs.

  • We will help you build a simple, scalable solution at speed for any complex requirement.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why AI for Data Analytics?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to processes and algorithms that can model human intelligence in multiple ways. With developments happening, AI for data analytics plays a vital role in making corporate operations more effective. AI systems automatically analyze data and reveal hidden trends, patterns, and insights that businesses can utilize to make better decisions.  It also provides results with the use of predictive analysis, which aids businesses in taking sound decisions.

How does artificial intelligence influence big data analytics?

Big data and AI are combining into a mutually beneficial partnership in which they will anticipate and predict future trends in business, technology, finance, entertainment, and various industries. Because it employs numerous AI theories and approaches, the advancement of big data technology is dependent on artificial intelligence. However, the advancement of AI relies on big data technologies, as it demands massive amounts of data for support.

How can Data Science impact your business?

Data science helps in making data actionable by predicting actions and inferring meaning from connected data in a meaningful way. This technology aids in the development of user-centric goods by assessing customer feedback, analyzing market conditions, and products, and selecting the best products with the ability to attract and retain clients for a longer period.

How can your business benefit from AI in Data Science?

A meaningful amalgamation between these technologies paves the way for a bountiful business model. Some of the key benefits of AI in data science are as follows:

  • Boosts business predictability.
  • It offers real-time intelligence.
  • Increases information integrity.
  • Aids in interpreting complex data.
  • Actionable data encourages a better decision-making process.


What are Industry Opportunities with Data Science in healthcare?

Healthcare: Data science in healthcare is making pathbreaking developments such as genomics and precision medicine, reading and acting on electronic health records faster, and many more. According to experts, big data projects in the US healthcare system may result in a $300 billion to $450 billion reduction in healthcare spending. Check out the latest trends in healthcare – Trends Report Link.

What are Industry Opportunities with Data Science in CPG/Retail?

Data science in CPG/retail has become important for business and our industry experts understand it. Companies own countless data sets (both internal and external), and advanced analytics use them for product development, portfolio planning, customer behavior, and other applications. Check out the latest trends in CPG/Retail – CPG Trends Report Link, Retail Trends Report Link.

What are Industry Opportunities with Data Science in Manufacturing?

Data science in manufacturing employs data science to raise productivity, reduce energy costs, and increase output. Data delivers vital insights to manufacturers for maximizing profits, risk mitigation, and reducing completion time. Check out the latest trends in manufacturing – Trends Report Link.