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Data Analytics Solutions - CPG

TheMathCompany's CPG analytics solutions driven by our industry experts enable businesses to drive sales powered by our AI/ML accelerators with intellectual assets that diligently allow us to design simple and scalable solutions.

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The Need for Data Analytics in CPG

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) business is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Changes in consumer behavior have caused more disruptions, forcing even top-tier corporates to adopt new business models.
With changing market trends, CPG business must change promptly to manage multiple suppliers and inventories, forecast efficiently, and retain customers.
TheMathCompany's data analytics solutions/services will assist you from offering data governance and managing data infrastructure to building a data solution to help you succeed in this new marketplace that favors smaller, digital, agile enterprises.

Common Problems you could be Tackling as a CPG Company

Supply Chain Management

  1. How to manage multiple suppliers efficiently?  
  2. What are the processes of entity resolution? 
  3. How to achieve supply chain visibility? 
  4. How to make P2P seamless and efficient?

Inventory Management

  1. How can digital technology reduce the problems in supply chain management? 
  2. What are the benefits of digital supply chain management? 
  3. How does digitalization make the supply chain more efficient? 
  4. How to optimize inventory? 
  5. How will CPG businesses benefit from inventory optimization (IO)? 
  6. How to increase inventory optimization? 
  7. How to mitigate the high number of inventories

Effective Pricing

  1. How can supply chain cost efficiency be improved? 
  2. How to measure supply chain performance? 
  3. How to control an unprecedented drop in demand?
  4. How will trade promotions have an impact on the supply chain? 
  5. How do trade promotions and price fluctuations affect coordination in a supply chain? 
  6. How to avoid the bullwhip effect? 
  7. How has the current pricing infrastructure affected customer retention post-COVID-19?

Demand Forecasting

  1. What are the successful strategies for demand forecasting in the supply chain? 
  2. How to balance the impact of socioeconomic factors on supply chain disruptions? 
  3. Why is time the determinant of supply elasticity, especially during the pandemic? 
  4. How to review demand forecasting rightly for business?

Supply Chain & Root Optimization

  1. How is computer vision revolutionizing the manufacturing supply chain? 
  2. Will inspection and quality control of goods be catered to by computer vision? 
  3. How to use computer vision to guarantee safety and security standards in companies?

CPG Marketing Strategy

  1. How has competition compromised customer loyalty in the CPG industry? 
  2. How to tackle diminishing shelf space amidst a dynamic market change? 
  3. How to effectively design a marketing mix in this volatile market?

The answer lies in effective usage of Data

Here’s how MathCo can help you with its core offerings:

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Our BI service encompasses a wide range of tools and approaches that aid in creating a scalable and bountiful roadmap for businesses by using technologies like Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik Sense, etc. Our service derives business KPIs and insights to drive actionability, customized to each user's needs in a consumable dashboard/product.

advanced anlytics-1

Advanced Analytics

Utilize automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to leverage complex data quickly and unlock actionable insights. If you need to reap more from your data, make use of our advanced analytical capabilities. Augment your intelligence with upcoming algorithms and technologies that enable insights at speed and scale.

ai solutions

Customized AI Solutions

With math, engineering, and design, we develop customized AI solutions that are human-centric, affordable, and tailored to one's needs. We curate end-to-end scalable products with automated pipelines, advanced models, and intuitive visual layers to enable you to make decisions fast.

data engineering

Data Engineering

Unlock scalable opportunities by optimizing data for user consumption. Our data engineers are industry-equipped to design, execute, and implement cutting-edge analytical customer-facing solutions. We will implement data-driven suggestions and insights in a bid to bring analytics results and client initiatives to life.

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A Global Beverage Conglomerate Reduced Experiment Design Time by 50% Using a Test & Learn Tool

Mathco's Math + Engineering + Design opened new possibilities for the beverage conglomerate, wherein they increased resource efficiency through the automation of monotonous tasks, curbed market testing experiments by half, and improved experiment scheduling by enabling numerous tests to run concurrently without conflict.

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Helped a CPG Business Reduce Man Hours by an Estimated 30% Using a Business Performance Reporting Dashboard

The dashboard provided a more complete overview of the elements that influence function and performance metrics across different locations and hierarchies. The solution allowed greater harmonization of data emanating from several business verticals. Moreover, it saved 7 working days per month that would have been spent manually compiling and evaluating data.

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A Leading CPG Company Unlocked A $6.8M Opportunity With A Customized Customer Journey Mapping Application

Effective client journey mapping has generated a $6.8 million opportunity. Identified lost opportunities along the purchasing path; cross-validated data from many sources; and mapped search data to related categories. Also, conversion patterns were recorded and monitored throughout phases and domains, and detailed customer cohorts were generated.

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Enabled A Personal Care Giant to Save $ 500K Year-on-Year Using a Forecasting Tool

By replacing their off-the-shelf approach with a tailored solution, the customer was able to save around $500K per year. When compared to the old model, the new model improved accuracy by 5–8%. With Co.dx's pre-built blueprints, we were able to construct unique solutions for 40+ categories in half the time. Moreover, the forecasting program was quickly adjusted to increase its usefulness across geographies and product categories.

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The partnership that we have been able to create with TheMathCompany in a relatively short period of time has exceeded my expectations. The skillset and collaborative approach that they bring to the table makes them a great asset for our company.

Global CPG Company
Head of Analytics, Data Science & Data Services

TheMathCompany team is professional and highly skilled. I have been impressed with the speed with which they integrated into our team, learned about our data, provided initial customer insights, and executed their first models.

US-based Conglomerate
Sr Manager, IT Digital Marketing & CRM

I am extremely pleased with the work the team is doing, how they articulate their work, and the forward-thinking that they bring.

Leading Manufacturer of Food Products
Project Lead, Customer Data Platform

Featured 2022 CPG Trends Report: 

Reimagining Personalization through AI-led Digital Transformation


Interested in what MathCo Experts can do for you?

Schedule a call with us. Here's what you can expect: 

  • Our industry experts will work with you to understand your current strategies and use cases.  

  • Through a personalized call, our solutions consultant will figure out the best fit strategy for your business needs.  

  • We will help you build a simple, scalable solution at speed for any complex requirement. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPG Data Analytics?

CPG data analytics is a process where you gather and interpret the data generated by any sales or marketing department in the  CPG industry. With the help of data analytics, CPG firms can utilize the generated data for meaningful insights by assessing and predicting future trends.

How does artificial intelligence influence big data analytics?

Big data and AI are combining into a mutually beneficial partnership in which they will anticipate and predict future trends in business, technology, finance, entertainment, and various industries. Because it employs numerous AI theories and approaches, the advancement of big data technology is dependent on artificial intelligence. However, the advancement of AI relies on big data technologies, as it demands massive amounts of data for support.

What is the use of AI/ML in CPG Analytics?

The application of AI/ML in CPG analytics enables businesses to better engage with consumers and potential customers, optimize their product range and improve operational efficiencies. Artificial intelligence and machine learning utilize available data to learn their requirements and how to grow in a rapidly shifting industry.

Why Big Data Analytics in CPG?

Big data analytics in CPG supports businesses to gauge a better understanding of the market and decision-making that can raise brand value and sales. Furthermore, big data analytics can aid in the incorporation of cultural factors into marketing strategies.

What are the Industry Opportunities with Data Science in CPG?

Data science in CPG has become important for business and our industry experts understand it. Companies own countless data sets (both internal and external), and advanced analytics use them for product development, portfolio planning, customer behavior, and other applications. Check out the latest trends in CPG and retail — CPG Trends Report Link, Retail Trends Report Link.