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MathCo at Retail Media Summit

Retail Media Summit, powered by Path to Purchase Institute, is a pioneering forum designed to navigate the rapidly evolving retail media industry through learning sessions, idea exchange, and more

We are delighted to be a breakout sponsor of the conference and share pathbreaking insights that unlock opportunities for improved incrementality and ROI. Connect with our D&A leaders to learn more about our solutions, services, and success stories.  

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What's Next for Retail Media?

Our Session: What's Next for Retail Media?  

With the retail media industry predicted to become a $100 billion market soon, tapping into its potential and adopting a data-driven strategy becomes crucial for business. While retailers are monetizing their online platforms, it is critical to understand the next steps and what advertisers believe is necessary to stay ahead of the competition.  

MathCo’s team of business consultants and data science experts can help you identify your growth stage in the retail media journey and empower you with an approach that bridges the gap between sales data and marketing data. Leverage potential game-changers in this space and explore new opportunities for incrementality & ROI with us.  

Meet our speaker

Prabal Majumdar

Prabal Majumdar

Principal, Customer Success
Prabal Majumdar

Connect with us at the event to learn more about how we drive data-driven decision-making for our clients. MathCo will donate a small proceeding on behalf of each conversation to Girls 4 Science - a Chicago-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young girls develop skills, overcome barriers and achieve greater success in STEM careers.