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Boost Your E-commerce ROI with Retail Media Monetization

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Meet our Retail Media Analytics experts
Dmitry Pavlov (1)

Dmitry Pavlov
Head - Retail Media Analytics

Prabal Majumdar (1)

Prabal Majumdar
Partner - Customer Success

Our Retail Media Analytics Capabilities

The changing trends and customer behavior in the retail sector demand that E-commerce businesses adopt an innovative approach that integrates sales and marketing data for exponential growth.

Focusing on that aspect, our experts at TheMathCompany leverage their industry expertise and our proprietary analytics toolkit - Co.dx - to unlock your Retail Media monetization potential.

Mapping your identity graph
Reporting automation and prioritizing solutions
Advanced measurement capabilities for incrementality and ROI
Product analysis
Quantifying the impact of
new product features and ad units
Building propensity-driven audiences and automating custom insights
Consultation around in-store and online attribution
Forecast solution
Forecasting solutions customized to brand category level
Making infrastructure simpler by maintaining engineering requirements and data aggregation
1st party insights
Building bespoke analysis based on first-party data

Meet Co.dx - Your Advanced Media Analytics Solution

Unlock Actionable Insights For RMN Monetization

Co.dx is the ultimate end-to-end solution for retail media networks, empowering publishers to unlock the full potential of their RMN.

With a focus on delivering actionable insights, Co.dx enables publishers to optimize their banner pricing, gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, and identify the needs of their target audience.

Co.dx uses advanced AI/ML models to automate workflows and streamline operations, enabling publishers to capitalize on new RMN monetization opportunities.

Own your Intelligence

Own Your Intelligence

Co.dx is a highly customizable and flexible retail media analytics platform that covers all dimensions of retail media marketing, providing publishers with a wide range of base-level analytics.

Publishers can use Co.dx to customize their analytics experience per their unique needs. They can add fields, build custom dashboards, and extract valuable insights from their massive volumes of RMN data.

Benefit from affordable insights that scale with your success - start with base-level analytics, unlock advanced features as your business grows, and optimize banner pricing for maximum impact.

Visualize RMN Success With
Co.dx Retail Media Analytics


Evaluating the MathCo Impact

Learn how we helped an American multinational retail company optimize its Retail Media Network with data-driven pricing solutions and an analytical tool.

Maximized revenue generation from onsite banner campaigns

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Impact Assessment

The Rise of Retail Media & The Evolving Digital Landscape

The rise of Retail Media was inevitable, but what value does it add to your Marketing & Sales strategies and decisions? 

Tune into our Q&A with Prabal Majumdar (Principal – TheMathCompany) and get a glimpse into what Retail Media Marketing has to offer and how to keep up with the evolving Digital Advertising landscape, as he answers pertinent questions revolving around this space! 

Learn more
Prabal Majumdar QnA

Empowering Retail Media Marketing with Co.dx

Learn how Co.dx, our AI/ML-enabled end-to-end business application development platform can help you drive sustainable Retail Media Marketing strategies.

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Empowering retail media

Wish to understand how large companies can tap into the potential of Retail Media via Retail Media Analytics? Here’s TheMathCompany’s Guide for Data-driven Retail: Are There Gaps in Your Strategy?

     The guide provides you with insights into

  • What is Retail Media Marketing?
  • Is Retail Media Marketing necessary?
  • Retail Media misinformation and myths
  • What Retail Media strategy best fits your needs?

News & Events

Prabal Majumdar & Silvana Dimitrov
representing TheMathCompany at
Exponential 2023!
Our Retail Media experts, Prabal Majumdar and
Dmitry Pavlov talk about what you can expect
from MathCo at the Retail Media Summit.
Team MathCo unveiling pathbreaking insights
on the future of Retail Media at the Retail Media
Summit, powered by Path to Purchase Institute.
MathCo’s analytics experts Sean Dwyer, Maria
Hutcheson, Niels Neelis, and Aditya Durai 
showcased our customized solutions at Shoptalk

Generative AI Workshop

Unlock the Power of Generative AI in Retail Media Marketing

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TheMathCompany is a global data analytics and data engineering firm that partners with Fortune 500 and equivalent organizations to enhance their analytics capabilities. Take advantage of our Retail Media Analytics expertise to accelerate your business growth, at speed and scale.

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  • Through a personalized call, our solutions consultant will figure out the best fit strategy for your business needs.  

  • We will help you build a simple, scalable solution at speed for any complex requirement. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Retail Media Marketing?

Retail media refers to a marketing technique where paid media placements, within or connected to a third-party retail ecosystem, convert consumers at the point of sale. Traditionally, retail media was found in the form of sample counters in your local supermarket, or eye-catching end-of-aisle displays – now, they’re more commonly seen as digital offerings in the form of pop-up ads, banners and online content.

Does Retail Media Advertising actually work?

Absolutely. With so many shoppers relying on digital channels for everyday purchases, from groceries to home goods, the way that consumers browse has changed forever.

Is Retail Media Marketing only possible on Amazon?

While Amazon is the leading RMN by market share and advertiser usage, a majority of advertisers have spent or plan to spend on other RMNs as well. In fact, 80 percent of advertisers currently use at least one retail media network in addition to Amazon.

Are RMNs a substitute to lower-funnel or shopper marketing?

Not quite. Lower-funnel and shopper-marketing outcomes are important, but for advertisers, brand building is equally so. In fact, advertisers surveyed place equal emphasis on RMNs for performance marketing and brand building. The implication for retailers is clear: to compete for advertisers’ investments, they must have the capabilities to offer robust, end-to-end campaigns. 

What are the main benefits of Retail Media Marketing for brands and retailers?

Retail Media Marketing offers several benefits, such as enhanced product visibility, increased brand awareness, improved targeting capabilities, access to valuable shopper data, and the potential for higher conversion rates due to reaching customers at crucial decision-making moments. 

How does Retail Media Marketing differ from traditional advertising?

Unlike traditional advertising that mainly relies on third-party media channels, Retail Media Marketing leverages a retailer's own platforms, like their website, app, or in-store displays, to reach their customer base directly. This enables more precise targeting and real-time performance tracking. 

Is Retail Media Marketing limited to online retailers, or can brick-and-mortar stores also leverage it?

Retail Media Marketing initially gained popularity among online retailers, but it has evolved to encompass brick-and-mortar stores as well. Physical retailers can use in-store displays, point-of-sale advertising, and mobile apps to engage customers and boost sales.