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MathCo Retail Media Analytics 

Turn disruption into opportunity.

Retail Media is soon to become a $100 billion market. 

Let us help you be a part of this revolution. 

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Wish to understand how large companies can tap into the potential of Retail Media via Retail Media Analytics? Here’s TheMathCompany’s Guide for Data-driven Retail: Are There Gaps in Your Strategy?

     The guide provides you with insights into

  • What is Retail Media Marketing?
  • Is Retail Media Marketing necessary?
  • Retail Media misinformation and myths
  • What Retail Media strategy best fits your needs?

What is Retail Media?

The retail industry, with varying trends and consumer behaviour, requires a new approach that drives business value. Adoption of retail media becomes crucial with the exponential growth of e-commerce in a cookieless era, with an approach that bridges the gap between sales data and marketing data. At TheMathCompany, our advanced skillset and our proprietary analytics toolkit, Co.dx, helps you harness your Retail Media potential.

Our Retail Media Analytics Capabilities

TheMathCompany uses a combination of a dedicated team of experts specialized in diverse roles fueled by our learning platform Co.ach along with customizable, reusable modules powered by our Co.dx platform.

Together, this makes up the catalyst to drive your Retail Media Analytics growth at rocket speed.

We can help you in 


Mapping your Identity graph 


Reporting automation and prioritizing solutions

Inventory & yield-1

Advanced measurement capabilities of incrementality and ROI

Product analysis-1

Quantifying impact of new product features and ad units

Audience & exp-1

Building propensity-driven audiences and automating custom insights 


Consultation around in-store and online attribution

Forecast sol-1

Forecasting solutions customized to brand category level

Infrastructure -1

Making infrastructure  simpler by maintaining engineering requirements and data aggregation

1st party insights-1

Building bespoke analysis based on 1st party data

The Rise of Retail Media & The Evolving Digital Landscape

The rise of Retail Media was inevitable, but what value does it add to your Marketing & Sales strategies and decisions? 

Tune into our Q&A with Prabal Majumdar (Principal – TheMathCompany) and get a glimpse into what Retail Media Marketing has to offer and how to keep up with the evolving Digital Advertising landscape, as he answers pertinent questions revolving around this space! 

Identify what your business needs


TheMathCompany identifies your business’ current Retail Media stage. Based on the point of growth, we offer analytical assistance suitable for the phase.

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Infant Stage

  • Basics attribution methodology
  • Reporting on ROAS/clicks
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Teenager Stage

  • Advance custom audience activation
  • Programmatic offsite targeting
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Adult Stage

  • Reporting at composite audience level
  • Fully automated/self-serve reporting


Impact Assessment / Case Study / Evaluating the MathCo Impact

Optimizing Retail Media Network 

How we helped an American multinational retail company optimize its Retail Media Network with data-driven pricing solutions and an analytical tool. 

About Us


TheMathCompany is a global data analytics and data engineering firm that partners with Fortune 500 and equivalent organizations to enhance their analytics capabilities. Take advantage of our Retail Media Analytics expertise to accelerate your business growth, at speed and scale.

Interested in what TheMathCompany Experts can do for you?

Schedule a call with us. Here's what you can expect:

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  • Through a personalized call, our solutions consultant will figure out the best fit strategy for your business needs.  

  • We will help you build a simple, scalable solution at speed for any complex requirement.