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Transform Your Business with Revenue Growth Management Analytics

Are you ready to deal with ongoing inflation and market volatility? Are your price promotions hurting your profitability? Pay attention to these potentially harmful gaps in your revenue growth management strategy and execution. Let our experienced industry leaders design customized revenue growth management analytics for business growth and scalability.

Revenue growth strategy

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Revenue Growth Management

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Learn how MathCo can help build sustainable and customizable Revenue Growth Analytics solutions using state-of-the-art technology 

What is Revenue Growth Management?

Revenue Growth Management (RGM) is the key to unlocking your business's full potential in today's competitive market. RGM is an art and science approach that harnesses data-driven insights to optimize pricing, promotions, assortment, and distribution, driving profitability and sustainable growth.

Our tailored RGM Analytics, powered by cutting-edge AI, empower businesses to make informed decisions that lead to scalable results.

What can you achieve with Revenue Growth Analytics?

Data-driven Revenue Growth Analytics is essential to propel the business forward in today's rapidly evolving market. By embracing an analytical approach, you can boost customer satisfaction, enhance market share, and maintain a competitive edge. Moreover, it can assist businesses in achieving long-term revenue development by evaluating client data, developing focused marketing strategies, and improving the customer experience.

Unlocking Revenue Growth with Modern-Day RGM Practices in CPG

Revenue Growth Management (RGM) has undergone significant shifts over the last few years. Learn how the most successful businesses today leverage data-driven RGM practices.


Revenue Growth Management Levers



Set the right price for your products or services for optimal revenue growth using the following scalable analytics: 

  • Price Segments 
  • Price Ladder
  • Price Elasticity
  • Profit Pools
  • Brand Pack Price Curve 
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Leverage an expert-derived assortment structure to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve greater profitability. Our Assortment Solution Mix: 

  • Brand and Pack Mix 
  • Assortment Performance 
  • BPPC 
  • White Spaces
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Uplift and optimize the promotional methods by understanding and utilizing: 

  • Promotion Pressure 
  • Promotion Performance
  • Promo ROI vs Volume Uplift
  • Promo Guidelines 
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Trade Terms


By analyzing sales growth drivers you can design an optimal trade terms architecture and track and optimize contract performance with: 

  • Sales growth driver analysis 
  • Contract Performance
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What is Revenue Growth Management Analytics Framework?

A Revenue Growth Management Analytics Framework is the foundation of sustainable, profitable growth, providing a structured approach to optimize core business factors. This essential framework addresses existing RGM gaps by utilizing AI, data engineering, and expert guidance to streamline pricing, promotions, assortment, and distribution strategies. Embracing the right revenue growth analytics framework empowers businesses to navigate market complexities, enhance customer engagement, and stay ahead of the competition.

What not to do – 5 things one should consider before looking at Revenue Growth

Such data-driven Revenue Growth Frameworks can help you gain the business intelligence you need to make accurate predictions and precise adjustments. This control over your revenue results enables you to generate sustained, long-term profitability that you can count on.

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Our pre-built modules on Co.dx for analyzing growth levers of revenue management are based on three principles

  • 42% of consumers say that lower prices drive their purchase decisions.
  • 75% of the consumers say they prefer online and offline.
  • 46% of the consumers say they shopped a different brand in 2022.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of RGM?

In an efficient revenue growth management (RGM) model, you can leverage data, which helps understand and standardize the key factors contributing to your success across all product categories, brands, sales channels, and markets. Therefore, with enhanced decision-making capabilities, you can make informed choices that fill revenue gaps and increase profit margins.

Why is revenue growth a KPI?

Revenue growth is a critical key performance indicator (KPI) for businesses as it directly reflects their ability to generate more revenue over time. By tracking revenue growth, businesses can gauge their overall performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to drive sustained growth and success.

How is revenue growth impacted?

Market conditions, customer demand, pricing strategies, varied product/service offerings, and competition; influence business revenue growth. These factors can significantly impact your ability to generate direct and indirect revenue. Understanding how these factors interact allows you to make informed decisions and adjust your strategies accordingly.

How can TheMathCompany help you in revenue growth management?

Our experts at MathCo aim to build an effective and efficient RGM model for each pillar - pricing, assortment, trade investment, and promotions. With data engineering, the agility of connecting data sources, and expertise, our team pledge to provide a cost-efficient and optimized RGM framework to stay ahead in the industry and gain a competitive edge with the latest technology.